A Unique Opportunity


stream the premier at this link on Sunday, April 18th @ 4:00CT

When I imagined performing my master’s recital, I assumed that there would be a live audience, collaborators, and a hall in which to perform. Silly me! For everyone, this year involved overcoming some obstacles.

Although the feeling of walking on stage is something that I am eager to experience once again, I decided to view this recital as an opportunity to perform in a new way. As a 21st century musician, I believe that the ability to adapt, innovate, and connect with audiences is more essential than ever before. The art we practice is not dying, but it is certainly changing.

Ah! There are four of me! I do have a twin, but this is all me.

As a musician and a person, it is my primary objective to positively influence the world. You may question how this can be accomplished by playing bassoon, but I assure you that it is not as hard as it sounds! To reach this goal, this recital will act as method of sharing joy. I plan on giving the audience a smile (and maybe some laughter) through the medium of beautiful music.

Tune in to hear me play these instruments that are not my bassoon!

This powerful communicative aspect of music is not dependent upon a stage, applause, or ensemble size.

If you like to smile, want to experience beauty, don’t mind laughing, or are interested in free joy, then this recital is for you! Here is all the important info:

Promotional Video for the Recital!
  • Sunday, April 18th at 4:00CT
  • YouTube Premier: There will be a chat feature, but no camera. This means you can comment and interact while staying in your comfy clothes!
  • Facebook Event: This is where the event will be advertised. Make sure to share the event and mark that you are attending!


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Joyful Bassooning

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