Reeds + Teaching

Reed Dimension

I make all of my reeds by hand and adjust them over the course of 2 weeks. The priority for every reed is an easy response in all registers at the pitch level A=440 Hz. I use the Herzberg shape, colored hot glue wrapping, and 22 gauge brass wire. Different shapes, specialty reeds, color preferences, or thread wrapping are available upon request.

Pricing and Ordering
  • $20 per reed
  • $25 for specialty reeds (EX: low register, high register)
  • $10 blanks
  • $10 shipping and handling (Austin customers can request an in-person exchange to avoid shipping)

Submit an order using the Contact information. I will respond promptly with an invoice. Payment is accepted via Zelle, Venmo, Cash, or Check.


Teaching a group bassoon lesson in Chia, Colombia

Good news! I have limited openings in my private studio. Contact me to schedule an introductory meeting. See you soon!

IMPORTANT: I will only accept students who do not currently have a private bassoon instructor. This is a standard professional courtesy.

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