Tango Etüden XXVII & XXX

by Anselma Veit

Enjoy this comedic tango competition entry! Who hasn’t ever had the desire to throw their reeds across the room?

Quatro Variações e Fugueta Sobre um Tema Infantil

by Osvaldo Lacerda

Each variation of this piece is paired with a step in the reed-making process. Enjoy some beautiful music while watching a reed being born!


by Katy Abbott

This high-energy piece explores extended techniques for the bassoon. The accompanying video was a wonderful collaboration with film-maker Daniel Friend.

Sonata No. 5 in G Minor, Mvt. II

Francois Devienne, arr. Brigit Fitzgerald

This is an arrangement of this piece for bassoon quartet. Don’t be alarmed by the multiple Brigits performing! I do have a twin, but this is all me.

3 Preludes, No. 2

by George Gershwin

Who says the bassoon isn’t jazzy? Check out how the different instruments contribute to the style of this piece – featuring Mattie Brister on cello.

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