A Listening Paradigm

A Practical Discussion of Steege’s Helmholtz and the Modern Listener Steege, Benjamin. Helmholtz and the Modern Listener. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012. Intro: what is going on? As the subtitle suggests, this post is based on Steege’s Helmholtz and the Modern Listener, which is in turn based on Hermann von Helmholtz’s treatise, Die Lehre von denContinue reading “A Listening Paradigm”

A Unique Opportunity stream the premier at this link on Sunday, April 18th @ 4:00CT When I imagined performing my master’s recital, I assumed that there would be a live audience, collaborators, and a hall in which to perform. Silly me! For everyone, this year involved overcoming some obstacles. Although the feeling of walking on stage isContinue reading “A Unique Opportunity”

3D-Printed Reeds?

I am so excited! We are saving the world with bassoon reeds. Two other UT students and I won a Rainwater Grant to produce affordable synthetic reeds for beginning bassoonists. Lots of information to share here, but I guess I will start with the title of the project: Creating Opportunity with Synthetic Bassoon Reeds. byContinue reading “3D-Printed Reeds?”

Hello World

Welcome to the launch of my website! I am very excited to have a way to share the projects happening in my life. If you would like to receive a notification when I add new content, just enter your email below! This will send a message to your inbox, and it will be the bestContinue reading “Hello World”

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